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Ed., LPC is a therapist with extensive experience working with teens, and gender defiant teens in particular.When she started to notice her bright, creative gender defiant teen patients feel that they needed to define themselves by picking a label that then sometimes encouraged them to make permanent changes to their bodies, Sasha found herself thinking critically about this trend.

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Fast forward ten years and she now has 3 products and more in the pipeline. Diana is a Seattle based Psychotherapist with an expertise in the area of Sexuality and Aging and given our aging population there are many things that can impact our sexual enjoyment and function. I recorded this the day before Charlie Sheen's HIV announcement, Please let us remember he is a son, a brother and a father.

Realtionship building comes in many sytles and forms. Each one of these can change your lovelife and sex life. Diana Wiley's show sex, lust and laughter and she'll be my guest next week to talk about Sexuality and Aging and what's changing in that arena... I'll be prsenting at Children of The Night this week about helathy sexuality. Diana Wiley, Radio show on I was her guest on November 3, 2015. He made this announcement to get control of his life and face the secret he'd been keeping. Difference beteween Anonymous and Confidential testing. Lou looks at how powerful listening will impact all areas of your life, better sex, better personal relationships and better work relationships.

Together with your teen and family, we consider multiple complex factors that may contribute to their dysphoria, including social, cognitive, environmental, physical, and emotional factors.

Treatments may include mindfulness, somatic, and integrative techniques as well as confidence-building, and age-appropriate sexual identity exploration.

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My guest today Olga Cohen has made that possible for thousands of women.Sex/gender differences in the brain are of high social interest because their presence is typically assumed to prove that humans belong to two distinct categories not only in terms of their genitalia, and thus justify differential treatment of males and females.Here we show that, although there are sex/gender differences in brain and behavior, humans and human brains are comprised of unique “mosaics” of features, some more common in females compared with males, some more common in males compared with females, and some common in both females and males.Summer is when many want to expose more of their physical selves and their sexual selves, so I am talking about some step by step ideas to have a better sexual and relationship summer.Summer sex relationship movies, REALLLY looking forward to seeing Trainwreck and I'll See You In My Dreams. Ever wondered what rooms full of sex experts, therapists and educators talk about???Here we show that our gene-targeted mutant mice express a VDR with an intact hormone binding domain, but lacking the first zinc finger necessary for DNA binding.