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Her adversaries are the Purple Pieman and later, his colleague Sour Grapes.Pick a room by geographic region or by topic of interest.

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Strawberry is kind, resourceful, and always ready to help a friend in need.

Other than her friends, Strawberry Shortcake also loves her cat, Custard.

She usually wears a red dress with a white pinafore, and a large pink bonnet decorated with strawberries.

In the 1980s, Strawberry Shortcake and nearly all of her friends wore green-and-white stripes in the design of their costume, usually involving (but not limited to) striped stockings. In her earliest adventures, Strawberry's home was a shortcake surrounded by well-tended strawberry vines, but in 1983 she moved into her "Berry Happy Home", a large and ornate mansion.There are Love Doctors (15) The Love Doctors is our room where our members team together to give each other advice on any issue related to love, sex, and relationships - come on in if you need advice or have some to give!Please refrain from cyber-sex in this room - thanks!That's why we share every ingredient, its purpose, and its source.The flavors shown below have been featured at one time as a flavor of the month. If you would like to order any of the flavors shown below, please contact our Customer Service Team by calling (800) 477-1816 or email [email protected] your child also colors the tiny strawberries.