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Based on my research it seems that the app developer fills out a form describing their application.

One of the parental control features on the i Pod touch (and i Pad and i Phone) is restriction by content rating.

Today I want to specifically focus on app restrictions.

In creative mode, users are allowed unhindered creativity and construction, while survival mode resembles a more typical video game style in which players must watch their character’s health and survive attacks from enemies within the game.

Second , Minecraft assumes the person using their game isn’t your eight or 10 year old.

The chatting function in Minecraft, for example, does not censor out any personal information that users are sending to one another.

So that means, if the other person playing with your child in the paid version of the game, asks your child where they live or what their phone number is, the content won’t be censored.

This powerful but lightweight touchscreen computer is the size of a notepad and so intuitive that even a two-year-old can use it. Find my i Pad (free): Use a smart phone or a standard computer to quickly locate a lost i Pad.4.

We conducted an informal survey of older family members and friends to learn their favorite i Pad apps. Pageonce (free): This app helps to track and organize bills, and even supports online bill pay. Postcards (free): Designed for seniors, this simple apple allows your older loved one to easily view photos and videos that family members have shared.5.

Note that once a user is in a server with other players, children can be chatting with other children, or other adult strangers.

Because the game is assumed to have players 13 or older, the necessary online privacy safeguards aren’t required to be in place.

Seniors can chat with grandchildren and other loved ones anywhere in the world.6.