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The budget used is still a budget of the former Pres. ANTI-ILLEGAL DRUGS WAR of the Philippine National Police July 1, 2016- Oplan Double Barrel is launched.Upper and lower barrel targets and many of the names mentioned by the president present themselves personally.

The world is all eyes on the Philippines because of the presidents’ war on drugs.

In regards of the controversy accusing him of implementing Martial Law, Pres. He plans to implement the Federal form of government.

With his viral video covering Matisyahu’s One Day, with now over 4 million views of Wish FM 107.5 page made him more significant. Very positive with the lyrics all you have to do is to sing this song aloud, you don’t have to worry; God will always find a way.

La Verdad is an all-level educational institution that provides scholarship grants to students from kindergarten to tertiary levels.

By the name they chose for their 'ministry', it is easy to tell what is important to them.

No offense but, Pat Robertson, back in my enchanted-christian days, never did float my boat.

He speaks too fast that you can't understand him anymore. He said that magpapabaril siya if JDV doesn't win the election. There are growing cultic principles in that movement which scare me.

I personally think that Wilde Almeda is just too much for me. A booklet by him attacks Roman Catholicism and evangelical Protestantism as false teachings by sheep in wolves' clothing.

In the Philippines, La Verdad’s two campuses comprise of La Verdad Christian School (LVCS) in Apalit, Pampanga, and La Verdad Christian College (LVCC) in Caloocan City, Metro Manila.

La Verdad School enrolls preschool, primary, and secondary pupils.

Bugoy Drilon singing looks like it is just an easy song to sing, but taking the reggae form is difficult. His success in the music industry has much to do with his perseverance and even worked as a janitor in a university.