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Perhaps his most important observation, and the one that provided the key to determining the Atlas held his catalog, was precession.Precession is the wobbling of Earth on its axis, like a spinning top as it slows down, over long periods of time.

Unique shopping, military history and annual festivals are just part of its allure.

The Dyersburg Army Air Base at Halls was the largest combat crew training school built during early WWII years.

Written during the six months he lived in Paris to a "Miss Lane Pride," Fitzgerald appears to be accepting her compliments about Gatsby, which by then had been published.

The A13 is a major road in England linking Central London with east London and south Essex.

Located on the western border along the Mississippi River and trade center of busy agricultural economy, Lauderdale County, home of the world famous Ripley Tomatoes is a quaint community made up of Ripley, the county seat, Halls, Henning and Gates.

Whether you are looking for antiques, want to rough it outdoors, love to shop, are curious about maps and globes, have an interest in history, or you just want to spend family time at one of our many parks, there is something for everyone. POPULATION: 2,255 (2010) Halls, Tennessee is located along the Tennessee Scenic Trails and Byways’ Great River Road Trail and has loads of small town charm and scenic beauty.

Sitting atop the broad shoulders of a seven-foot statue known as the Farnese Atlas is a sky globe depicting the nighttime sky.

Scientists have been able to match the constellations shown on the globe with descriptions from Hipparchus's only surviving work, , and have concluded that this is a marble copy of his star catalog.

Scott Fitzgerald's "The Beautiful and the Damned." Neither are the authors' more famous works.

In fact, Fitzgerald was still three years from getting "The Great Gatsby" published when this work was released; the dustjacket proclaims he's "the author of ' This Side of Paradise.'" Only 3,047 copies of this version of Faulkner's "Mosquito" were published -- with the insect on the cover, in 1922 -- and it's selling for ,000 to ,000.

As pilots began flying faster combat planes, the training was essential to airmen.