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For the many downvoters of this answer (and the others below): when this question was asked, it said simply: "What is $(document).ready() in javascript? In my answer, I attempted to answer that question, as well as give the closest easy answer for plain-vanilla Java Script with no j Query or other libraries in case that's what he meant.Note that all extra context was added by other people guessing at what the question was asking, not the original poster.We also found this problem: chat rooms are visited by “trolls” who can drop in and write a lot of nonsense, and this nonsense will remain in your room even if you ban that user or deny them access to your room.

Start playing more effectively with these World of Warcraft commands.It’s really simple to enter commands into World of Warcraft.Just open the chat, and type in any command, prefixed with a forwards-slash. Make sure you type in the ‘/’ before any command though: without it, you’ll simply say the command in chat, and everyone else will see it.We continue to make the best video broadcasting service in the world. This time, the update wasn’t as good as we expected.For starters, there’s a record function that lets you capture the important snippets from your chat and store them within the app.

Finally, there’s the all-important doodle function. Here you can draw all over each other’s screens to brighten up that aforementioned Granny’s makeup.

You may read the source of this code on MDN at this link: Can you change the IE8 part?

Atleast wrap it in a if(document.attach Event) - some people are lazy and copy & paste the first answers all day long.

We hope it will make your chat experience more comfortable and positive.

But then, not every app has to be a statement about the cutting-edge of technology, and Jus Talk does a good enough job of bringing people face-to-face across the void to have earned millions of downloads.

The chat screen is kept nice and clean, enough so you get a good look at the person you’re calling (it’s best to do away with your own chat window as it’s really too small to be of any use).