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Site Reviewed: is a spam domain being specifically used through url redirecton to direct people to a scam site called Easy Casual Headers: from mailserver.([]) Hi, it's Kristie! Evidence: Junk Email: Below is the spam email received. A casual dating website allows people to connect with the full knowledge of all parties that liasons formed here on Free Dating Australia come with a no commitment guarantee.

We are bringing consumers the most popular offers on the internet.We wish to communicate special offers and promotions to you via email, but only if you enjoy receiving them.Their latest scam site is Mega Casual which was emailed to us via spam from Easy Casual you can read the full investigation on this dating service below.Nautell Capital Limited has caused so much grief in the online dating arena it's incredible.

This company keeps creating new dating scam sites constantly.

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So if you're looking for an emotional or physical dating relationship without all the expectations and demands of extra commitments then you're on the right website.