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Without fail, you will find the Octomom declaring that she “is not interested in hookups,” that she is at a loss to comprehend the lack of “good men out there,” and that she aspires find a suitable marriage partner similar to the kinds of men she dated before she shat out half a dozen kids. Perhaps the most common type of girl online, the land beast can be identified by her rounded figure and high body fat percentage.

Arguably, this type needs no explanation; however, it should be noted that not all land beasts are created equal.

When I tell stories of seducing a marine on the West Side during fleet week, or dancing topless around a giant bonfire with multiple men at a summer festival, their eyes widen.“Oh wow,” they’ll say, laughing uncomfortably before taking a long sip of whatever they’re drinking.

Online dating was once considered the garbage bin of the dating world, but is now widely recognized as a valid (if depressing) way for men to rack up quick bangs in a pinch.

While most men still dismiss online dating as being somewhat pathetic, the truth is, most men who knock it, will have tried it at least once or twice in secret.

Don't seek out female chubby chasers, but rather be charming to all the women you meet.

If a woman is open minded about your physique, you have conquered her by your personality.

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As you can see and read we are not some kind of shady dating site, we have clear and simple terms for everyone to understand.. Sometimes, people who don’t know me well are really surprised to hear that I’ve had a healthy, active sex life.They don’t always say something about it, but I can always tell.Chubby guys don’t really want a woman who fetishizes your size.Women tend to be much more forgiving of overweight physiques than men are.If you do not understand what is causing this behavior, please contact us here.