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It was late summer when we met, on a patio jutting out onto the Pacific.

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The aim of these approaches is understandable, but their effectiveness is questionable, and some experts see potential for it to backfire.

What’s more, the breadth of these restrictions, and the inexactness of who is targeted, raise an issue unlikely to garner much sympathy: fairness to sex offenders. Schneiderman announced that through an initiative dubbed “Operation: Game Over,” several major gaming companies had removed the profiles of more than 3,500 registered sex offenders in the state.

Parents and their children may never agree on when teenagers are “grown up” enough.

While kids feel like they’ve been grownups for years, their parents remain on the “You’re not old enough yet” side.

Age of Majority in Illinois Children become adults in the eyes of the law at age 18 in most states, including Illinois.

Legal age laws also determine when a child may apply for emancipation from his or her parents; how the law treats contracts involving minors; a minor's ability to sue; and consent to medical treatment.

In this case, the photos were not sold or distributed beyond the couple. The Court found the images protected under the First Amendment. Hollins is not exactly a sympathetic character and, as a parent, I would frankly share the mother’s sense of anger over the relationship and pictures.

However, Justice Rita Garman wrote for the majority that “there are rational, reasonable arguments in support of having a higher age threshold for appearance in pornography than for consent to sexual activity.” These include the view that “[m]emorialization of the sexual act makes permanent an intimate encounter that can then be distributed to third parties. It will always be out there, hanging over the head of the person depicted performing the sexual act.” The majority, however, made a critical decision in the standard of review — rejecting the claims of protected speech in the act of photographing intimate conduct. This low standard followed a concession by the defense counsel that no fundamental constitutional rights, including first amendment rights, were implicated in the case. Moreover, the state can argue that sextexting has become a serious problem among minors.

Under Illinois law, the age of consent for any type of sexual activity is, typically, 17 years.

This means anyone younger than 17 years of age cannot lawfully consent to any type of sex act involving sexual conduct.

These concerns are exacerbated in the modern digital age, where once a picture or video is uploaded to the Internet, it can never be completely erased or eradicated . Yet, while I thought the majority had some strong points, there are first amendment concerns raised by the criminalization of photos if they are purely consensual and private. No one would seriously disagree with the criminalization of taking such photos for commercial purposes or for distribution.