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Betancourt told reporters at the airport that her children looked "beautiful" and she was proud of them.

"They look so different, but they look so much the same at the same time," Betancourt said.

"We only have enough food for two spoonfuls apiece.

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Betancourt, 46, was reunited with her daughter, Melanie Delloye, and son, Lorenzo Delloye-Betancourt, a day after she and 14 others were rescued from leftist rebels in the jungles of Colombia.

The three tearfully clung together on the steps of a plane that had just arrived from France at a Colombian airport, hugging and kissing each other fervently before disappearing inside the plane.

Even some of the people who campaigned for her release have been angered by her allegedly erratic behaviour since she regained her freedom in a Colombian military sting operation in July 2008.

In her 677-page book, written over a 15-month period, Ms Betancourt does not answer these criticisms directly, but admits many errors and failings.

In earlier books, written by fellow hostages, Ms Betancourt has been accused of arrogance and selfishness while in captivity.

She became deeply unpopular in her native country in June after asking for m (£4.5m) in compensation from the Colombian government.

It also vividly depicts the moral rot within FARC as it drifted away from its professed revolutionary ideals to a force of young, under-educated rural fighters growing into dead-end careers pushing cocaine and captives through the jungle.

Finally, as a primer in the sexual politics of captivity, the book can be grimly amusing.

Their book recounting their harrowing experiences in the jungle, Out of Captivity, was published at the same time, with the complementary circus of reviews, TV coverage, and personal appearances that seems to be, in some way, the American media’s apology for having focused almost exclusively on the high-profile captivity and release of Ingrid Betancourt.

…something that looks like a deal with renegade FARC commanders made with U. In March 2009, Keith Stansell, Marc Gonsalves, and Thomas Howes, the three American Northrop-Grumman contractors freed the same day as Betancourt, received the Defense of Freedom Medal, the civilian equivalent of the Purple Heart, in recognition of their six-year ordeal.

In 1989, Luis Carlos Galán, a candidate for the Colombian presidency running on an anti-drug-trafficking platform, was assassinated.