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Nikki Sixx got his name from one of his ex-girlfriend's ((ex))boyfriend's name. Nikki couldn't decide what he wanted his name to be and he thought that ((quote))Nikki Seven is just not a cool name((quote)).

Nikki ((Sixx not Syxx)) decided to just go with the word 'six' and add another 'x'.

Hanna Beth Merjos is first of all the stepdaughter of a Scottish model Honor Fraser.Hanna Beth was discovered as a model by Sharp TV when she was 16 years, although today she's a model of her own.To Chace: from page 62 of The Dirt, I quote "Through his day job at the Starwood, Nikki somehow managed to talk his boss into letting us play our first shows there:two sets on Friday and Saturday opening up for Y&T.Mick was jittery because we'd never run through a complete show in rehearsal." Doesn't sound like a band that played the Whiskey.He said that he loved the guy's name but the guy was totally uncool.

Nikki was seven years old when he first smoked pot. Nikkis father died on Christmas day, when he was in the shower and had a heart attack.To mike from Dodgeville Wi, the band's very first gig was at the Whiskey a Go Go, where it all started.I would know this because I was at the final tour and I listened to Nikki Sixx's speech about how the band started.’s Chris Zylka and model Hanna Beth were in the throes of love, announcing their engagement via Twitter.On Thursday, March 12, the pair engaged in a vicious online battle that started when Zylka, 29, tweeted, “When someone's boyfriend shows up at they're house with flowers while you're in that someone's bed.Oh and what happened to that 2 year break from relationships?