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  Regarding further division of disestablishmentarianism, the word  contains a suffix.    -ism is a suffix that designates an established political or social  behavior or belief system which seeks to conform the beliefs of  persons to the teachings, tenets, or mode of procedure practiced by  those of the group.

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The next year the letter code was advanced to F, and so on through the alphabet.

The letters I, O, and Q, were skipped so that they wouldn't be confused with numbers.

Yes, BDC Dials are available for many Leupold Scopes.

For CDS (Custom Dial System) models, one free custom lasered BDC dial is provided and additional dials can be purchased for alternate loads and/or environmental conditions.

   Establishmentarian is an adjective (modify the noun "Law" or  "Legislation".

  Thus regarding Establishmentarian Law, in this context  "Establishmentarian" is the base word.    That said: Establish is a verb which means "to decide on an  arbitrary element of usage regarding the behavior or deportment of  a matter of course.

The short action is for cartridges less than 2.8 inches in overall length like the .308, the standard action for cartridges smaller than 3.34 inches in overall length like the .30-06 Springfield and .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge, and a long action for magnum calibers larger than 3.34inches like the .300 Remington Ultra Magnum.

When purchasing this rifle, a buyer had the additional choice of magazine configuration.

Beginning in 1974, Leupold began letter coding riflescope serial numbers.

All scopes produced during that year had the letter E as a prefix to the serial number.

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