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Get access to popular apps on Xbox One, including all your favorites, like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, Amazon Video, HBO NOW, Pandora, and more!

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When an issue crops up, you can jump into a support session instantly.Connect to the remote computer, see the screen and take control.Like Da Cast, these feature easy to use, do it yourself interfaces that you can integrate on your site, are free, and easy to embed: Chat Winghttps://Incredibly easy to setup and embed, Chat Wing also offers administration features (remove unwanted chatters) and is easy to customize.Like a lot of chats, you can have user based “avatar” images to represent you as well.With Go To Assist we're able to resolve their issues quickly.

Looking to offer live conversations alongside your streaming project?Customize the look and feel to match that of your brand. By providing a personalized face-to-face environment, you can bring the best of the brick-and-mortar experience online.Learn how 360Video can help you drive lifetime customer value with unique one-on-one experiences.Producers can also download the MP4 video file from our cloud servers after the event.DVR functionality allows viewers to rewind live video if they join late or want to replay a portion of the live event.We are pleased to present a recommended list of the best live chat with HTML5 video player solutions for on demand and live video streaming.