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Perhaps not; while about 45 percent to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce about 60 percent to 80 percent of second marriages divorce (although numbers vary on how many of those second marriages are to the former spouse or a different one with assorted children from different parents all trying to live happily a la the Brady Bunch under one roof).Of the seven children Osmond, 51, had with second hubby Brian Blosil, five of whom are adopted, three are still young -- 15, 14 and 9. Then one day something happens -- maybe your parent dies or you get sick or you realize you're tired of the dating game at midlife -- and you start thinking, "I want my ex back." No worries because there are about 58,000 "proven techniques" on the Internet to help you do exactly that.

The host joked that she was the "newest Osmond brother," but it wasn't long before she did join her famous siblings onstage.

In her 2001 memoir, Osmond commented that she had little time for a normal childhood.

The two were married from 1982 to 1985 and had one child, Stephen, now 28 years old.

That seems to be stuff of snake-oil con men but there are plenty of people who do want their ex back, and get them -- most recently Marie Osmond, who just re-married her first husband, former pro-basketball player Steve Craig.

But then in 2010, Osmond's 18-year-old son from a second marriage that ended in divorce in 2007 committed suicide, and Craig was there for her.

During a tragedy, we count on the people who know us best to show up, and he did. But is that and a couple's shared history enough to sustain a remarriage?She and her siblings worked hard, "memorizing scripts, learning to sing a song in Swedish ...for a foreign tour, spending long days dancing, playing instruments, and singing." She also indicated that she had been sexually abused as a child.Osmond established her own career as a top-selling country artist with albums like Singer, actress, television personality and businesswoman Olive Marie Osmond was born on October 13, 1959, in Ogden, Utah.The only girl out of nine children, she was raised in an unusual show business family.Osmond debuted as part of her brothers' act The Osmond Brothers on The Andy Williams Show when she was four, but generally did not perform with her brothers in the group's television performances through the 1960s.