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These are rare, and the Ob G Reissue solid flametops are even rarer.The Orville by Gibson Les Paul Standard series (LPS) 1988-1993, do not have fret edge binding and have "Standard" on the truss rod cover,.excepting pickups, are otherwise identical to the Ob G reissues.

Yamano Gakki distributed Gibson and Korean Epiphone guitars and also produced a limited range of Epiphone Japan semi acoustic guitars in cooperation with Gibson.In 1988 Yamano Gakki decided to expand the Epiphone Japan model range to include solid body models as well as semi acoustic models.Between 1942-1945, Gibson employed women to manufacture guitars."Women produced nearly 25,000 guitars during World War II yet Gibson denied ever building instruments over this period," according to a 2013 history of the company.Some brands were sold only on the Japanese market, but other brands, such as Ibanez were exported from Japan.

Fender and Gibson opened Japanese branch divisions to make guitars in Japan using the Fender/Squier or Gibson/Epiphone brand names for the Japanese market.

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The Japanese models usually had a long tenon like the 1959 LP's, and are not weight relieved, the US Standard version did not have a long tenon and is weight relieved.