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They are awarded commissions for bringing you to massage parlours and you'll be expected to foot the bill - That is whatever it is they get paid.You'd be better off taking a regular taxi - then ask the driver to drop you off at a predetermined spot such as a hotel or a supermarket. Wearing clothing with an inside pocket that can be zipped closed is also a good idea for keeping things safe.

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But before I continue along this path you have to consider a few facts as far as the dating game goes in the land of smiles. After all, she needs to have that little extra sparkle to light up your night. She'd prefer to go to a Thai restaurant, but a western one will also make the grade. Now that you've got to know your date a little better this would be the best time to head back to the hotel.

While there are a lot of Good Thai Girls in Thailand there are also a lot of bad girls too. You put your money on the table and you then go out to play. What she really means is please take me to the mall. But whatever you do, don't ever invite her for a meal at a street food stall. After you've done and dusted, extras may include a tip and a taxi fare back home for your date.

When you decide to take your new good Thai girl on a date, please don't be a complete sleazeball and take her to one of those night markets attached to a red light district such as the one at Patpong in Bangkok or the likes of Soi Cowboy a little further down the road.

Best to take your lady friend on a dinner date where there's a "fusion" type menu available and then perhaps to a music club where the two of you can listen to some live music.

One of the first things you need to watch out for are the scam artists and there are lots of them about.

Even Tuk Tuk drivers are notorious for scamming tourists, especially should you be travelling alone.

In all probability about 90% of men travelling solo in Thailand want to go directly to the big cities to experience the lively nightlife which I have to say is tremendously exciting, to say the least.

And there's no place better than in Bangkok itself, though there are other great party places like that of Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui to name but a few.

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