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The blonde couple were pressed against the wall at the end of the carriage. Most of the men faced the girl, some to press against her, some to merely look. They'd been to see the temple at Maracci, near Mumbai. The train was shuddering painfully from stop to start, to stop again, along an ancient line. He was married, had three scrawny kids and lived in a corrugated cardboard hut near the railway line. The feel of her in the palm of his hand, did not disappoint. Then marginally lower, onto the starting swell of buttocks. As a precaution she had pressed her hip against the carriage wall, to prevent the hand from slipping round her front. Allowed her eyes to wander back among the faces of the dusky men all angled towards her. But with her hip pressed hard against the carriage wall there was no way round. No way round her hip, but her waist was toned and slender, and the fingers of the hand easily insinuated themselves into the space between the carriage wall and waist. But moving her hips from her husband pushed her butt into the groin of the man behind.

He against the window, she against his back, blank rear wall of the carriage against the right shoulder of each. She had a pretty, shapely, figure, and her brief floppy shorts and sleeveless T left little of her charms to be imagined. Now they were trying to get back into town but hadn't been able to find a taxi, so had taken the train instead. The eyes of the men, all dark, were on hers, clear blue ... She could hardly shout out, the noise was already too much, she'd never be heard. He'd only seen something as lovely as this on a poster for a Hollywood film. She gently took her lip between her teeth, but let it go. This may have worked, she felt, for a little later, once the upper portion of her buttock nearest the wall had been extensively explored, the hand withdrew. Eyes she knew to be undressing her -- she'd seen these looks before. Uncomplainingly, yet disappointed she hadn't anticipated this, perhaps even taken defensive action -- though what that might have been she wasn't sure -- she felt the finger trace a feather light path beneath the overhanging top, around her waist, onto the side of her tummy, then further still, until a finger found the recess of her navel.

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