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The movie launched the baby-faced actor to stardom, but despite the film’s success and Macchio’s newfound fame, he found it difficult to get quality roles.

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The run is completely sold out, and sometimes it’s nice to go out on a high like that, rather than extending a play and then all of sudden it starts to fizzle. ‘cause I think it could work as a half-hour comedy for television. And it’s good to be back on a New York stage.”Great, congratulations with that. OK, so the show that you’re doing in Reading: 30 anniversary of “The Karate Kid.” How did this show come together? “That’s a good question: I mean, someone brought it to my attention that Mel Brooks has been going around with, I think, ‘Blazing Saddles’ and Cary Elwes is going around with ‘The Princess Bride’ and they started these …

I guess it comes out of these pop culture events where they’ll do panels of they’ll do screenings along with, like, the Comic Com things – the big convention-type meet-and-greets.“So tying it into films that might have become sort of iconic and/or …

Creating the student/teacher - father/son dynamic of Miyagi/Daniel; the Miyagi drunk scene into classical music training montage (probably my favorite transition and sequence); finding and exposing the natural core emotion in the Daniel La Russo character; pretend-dating Elizabeth Shue didn't suck... We are entering the "Stay Golden Years" but looking damn good. Rob's a great guy and am thrilled with all of his success. Though I'm two years older, and he should never forget it! but would kill to be Springsteen for one concert night or Joe Montana for one game. A bunch more that are in various stages both in front of and behind the camera.

and of course, getting to kick the guy's ass who clearly would have pummeled me in a real life fight—pretty good, too! Can you tell us something about Pat Morita that many people may not know? He knew way before I did how special our onscreen chemistry was. Then to fill the creative void after it had ended, I decided to write a film role for my dance partner, Karina Smirnoff, and we shot a beautiful short story together (You’re known for your ridiculously youthful genes. If you weren’t an actor, what do you think you’d be doing? Maybe tasting great wine or eating great food for a living could work. My short film, is an indie film I did with Olympia Dukakis, F.

The film won Morita an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor, and produced cultural references such as the film’s “crane kick” move and the memorable “wax-on, wax-off” chores through which Miagi teaches Daniel.

In a recent telephone call during a drive into New York City, Macchio spoke about what “The Karate Kid” has meant to his life and career.

The show comes to Santander Performing Arts Center in Reading on Saturday, April 16.

In “The Karate Kid,” Macchio portrayed Daniel Larusso, a New Jersey high school student who moves with his single mother to Reseda, Calif., where he runs afoul with bullies from the local Cobra Kai karate school. Miagi, an elderly Japanese apartment complex repairman, played by the late Pat Morita, teaches Daniel karate, leading to a pivotal scene in which he defeats the bullies to win the big karate tournament.

Macchio started taking tap dancing lessons at the age of 3, and was discovered while performing an Eddie Cantor impression in a local dance recital at age 16.

An agent approached him and began sending him on auditions for commercials.

The feel-good martial arts flick that turned a Jersey boy and a humble Japanese immigrant into one of the greatest underdog duos celebrates its 30th anniversary on June 22nd.