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It’s simply not possible to talk about Marcus & Martinus without mentioning their extremely loyal fans, who’s given themselves the name “MM’ers”.

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Later, there would be affairs with many more, including Barbara Eden, Tuesday Wile, Hope Lange, Joan Blackman and Anne Helm. In the newly-published Down At The End of Lonely Street they suggest that the death of his mother freed him from the guilt and psychological frigidity imposed by Gladys, who had wanted her boy to seek chaste candidates for marriage rather than the beautiful itty-bitty things Elvis lusted after. The real point is that while the King had been fucking all those beautiful itty-bitty things his mother was pining away for him in Graceland, drinking lethal amounts of alcohol and even taking diet pills to try to look good for Elvis and thus compete with the starlets who were keeping her son away from home.

All of which adds weight to Memphis Mafia claims that following the death of his mother, Elvis Presley just cut loose, sexually. As such, if Elvis was set free in one sense he was further enslaved in another.

The brothers’ second album is called “Together”, and the title marks the incredible journey Marcus & Martinus have had together so far.

Both the two of them as brothers, but also with the fans.

quipped Elvis Presley as he embarked upon a torrid affair with co-star Juliet Prowse during the filming of G. Naturally enough, this was not the kind of comment the 25-year-old King made to the girl-he-left-behind-in-Germany, the 15-year-old Priscilla Bealieu.

Instead, when she asked if he was involved with the dancer, he d simply say: Oh Cilla, just look at Juliet Prowse with those long legs and big shoulders. In truth, at the same time, Elvis was also doing a little two-step with Judy Rawlins, who had a small part in G. Blues and with Anita Wood, his steady girl back in Memphis.

A recovering alcoholic who believed she only attracted men with a fat fetish has lost a staggering 165lbs (11st 7lbs) after ditching alcohol.

Courtney Maguire, 30, from Houston, Texas, battled alcoholism, food addiction and binging brought on by depression since university.

Anything that forced me to see how much weight I really gained was all avoided.'Dating was difficult, I was constantly rejected for my weight and the men who did want to date me, usually viewed my weight as a fetish.'The men who dated me would tell me they preferred bigger girls and would essentially enable my bad eating by not being very supportive if I tried to diet.'It would always hurt my feelings when guys would tell me they liked bigger girls because I felt like I wasn't seen as the human I was, I was just seen as a bigger girl to them.'I was also in denial about my weight so when guys would say this to me it would sting a little harder.'At university, Courtney's binge drinking lifestyle led to excessive weight gain.

I can’t say for sure whether I would have fallen in love with my ex if he hadn’t been married at the time, but I do know that his status as taken gave him a unique allure.

But that s an observer s view what was it really like to date The King?