Sedating koi

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Determine these differences before moving the fish, and, if necessary, make adjustments to the water. Acclimation is the process of slowly introducing the fish to different quality water to allow physiological adjustments to occur gradually over time.

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The labels will say it will cure just about anything and smell good doing it.Label claims such as this should make you wary; for good reason. Yet they are packaged and sold in nearly every garden store across this country. If you find a product which will do just about everything, don't count on it.\r\n\r\n KMno4 - Potassium Permanganate:\r\n Potassium permanganate is capable of doing great things in terms of parasite control, but it is also capable of rapidly killing all your fish if used improperly. The "dip", which is described further on in the Sticky is very effective and is fairly safe because of it's precise nature.Due to the need for vaccination, grading and tagging, the movement of fish between facilities, and slaughter; the capture and handling of fish is often unavoidable.However the removal of fish from water is known to elicit a maximal emergency stress response in the animals, and welfare groups are now advising this should only be completed when absolutely necessary, with animals kept out of the water for no longer than 15 seconds unless anaesthetised (Human Slaughter Association, 2005).Special fish pumps or pipes are also used for the movement of fish between ponds or to separation tanks for treatment.

Each of these methods however, have their associated limitations.Many factors including dissolved oxygen levels, changes in temperature, and p H differences between transport and holding water should be considered when transporting fish.Poor water conditions can adversely affect the immune system of the fish, increase susceptibility to disease, and may lead to illness or death. Fish should be moved quickly and efficiently to minimize stress, the risk of disease outbreaks, and mortality.Important considerations for transporting fish include: 1) type of container, 2) transport vehicle, 3) aeration, 4) type of water, and 5) additives for sedating the fish (Figure 1) . Some commonly used transport containers in Florida include: 1) polystyrene shipping boxes, 2) plastic boxes/tubs, 3) galvanized metal tubs, 4) wood/fiberglass boxes, and 5) 55-gallon plastic barrels.Common Parasites and Recommended Treatments By Karl Schoeler At best, parasites open the doors for bacterial infection. That is why it is so important to try to identify them and treat for them properly.\r\n\r\n While treating for parasites is very important, treating the resultant ulcerated area is equally important.