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Girl - 1 min later: You go to the gator school or just live there? Me and the open road Girl - 3 hrs 18 mins later: 20.57 in it was sooo Girl: Windy Girl - 1 hr 47 mins later: How was it? That was 6.27 in Girl - 1 min later: That was when I was about 20 pounds heavier too Me: Should try breaking your rec again Girl - 1 min later: I try for 7, 2 weeks ago but it was just so windy it was unbelievable Girl - 7 mins later: I was never physically pushed back by the wind while running until that day Vanessa okc › Forum Add new comment Thu, 03/08/2012 - — Manwhore k wtf happened here mang. Read my "perfect text message" convo and see how I arrange the meetup. L OH Fucking L- At first It was so good I actually thought it was you but then like towards the middle I started to go...I quit reading as soon as I saw people start dying. How the FUCK does this text convo start out being about sex and then transfer over to people dying in car crashes leaving little children behind. Manwhoreeee, whattttt are you doinggg lol PS: Manwhore- make an app for burner phones lmao, my galaxy broke and now I'm stuck over here in the dark ages unable to use your app! Girl: Dirty mexican here :) Me: If you can tease like that, send me your pix Girl - 3 mins later: Tease?! Me: My apology for using such a wrong word my lady Girl - 1 min later: Whatever, just don't let it happen again. Girl: What do they hit you with In the mother land? Me: Handcuff me and start whipping Girl: There you go again, caning! Me: That's how I like to be punished Girl - 1 min later: You kinky ass chino! Girl: Nah I got 5 and 3 facial piercings Me: Show me Girl - 10 mins later: You can see one of them other should Girl: Er Me - 1 min later: Huh? Girl - 2 mins later: I helped my mom fight for custody and i help her Me: Very nice of you and your mom :) Girl: Watching her is nothing new, I've been looking after her and my other niece since they were born. Me: Babysitter could be a pain in the ass Girl - 1 min later: You can't trust anyone with your kids Girl: Do you have any?

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“My friend and I just made a bet and we want you to settle it. ” I’d just read some pick-up advice that told me to approach girls in bars with that question. They even began debating each other and trying to argue their viewpoints playfully to me.

We all do it, it’s not a big deal.” As I awaited the wrath of three women, I was surprised to hear them laughing and sharing their opinions.

I borrowed this from another forum, but it's just too damn funny so I wanted to pass it on. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This conversation is real.

Only the names have been changed to protect starcrftmaniac and Punkgirl Angl, I mean, the innocent. Girl: nevermind your an [censored] Boy: Hey wait a minute Girl: yes?

So I tried again with another group, and then another. After downing a drink (or two), I decided to try again with another group.

After a couple of minutes, we were all introducing ourselves and hitting it off like old friends.Them: Well, I embarrass myself in front of you almost every day and you still like me.And my feelings shouldn’t be hurt about what you like and you don’t: if they are, that’s my thing to deal with, not yours.I don't have a disability, but there are plenty of things I can't do or which don't feel comfortable for me, too.How about we start with the good stuff: that’s easy, right? But it's often painful for me to do it in the position you keep wanting to do it in. So, what can I do to make that even better, and how can we do it so you're comfortable? maybe we could try it like You: I want to talk to you about something that’s been bothering me, and it isn’t easy to talk about, but I need to. You: Well, I keep feeling like maybe you don’t understand that just because you’re finished with sex, that doesn’t mean I am. You: You don’t need to feel terrible: I should have said something before now, I was just too nervous.Maybe I’m afraid of hurting your feelings, or of embarrassing myself.