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Tune in tonight to catch the reunion, and be sure to check out Mark-Paul's sweet family snaps plus adorable pictures of Tiffani's kids., the actress chatted about the next season of her cooking series and how she "double-dates" with her old on-screen fling."Well, we have 16 episodes this year so we've got a bigger season which is really fun," Thiessen said. '"She added, "I've had some people look at me uncomfortable on a plane 2009, Mark-Paul revealed that he had dated all three of his female co-stars —Lark Voorhies, Tiffani Thiessen, and Elizabeth Berkley, while filming the show.

"I think they were touching on a subject that is sometimes popular - with kids dating people that are older or younger.

I didn't find it to be that strange, maybe because growing up in the business, I think I was dating at the time someone who was a little older than me. Probably the most memorable fan interaction was in Las Vegas, with a woman who had a little too much to drink, and thought that I was really Valerie Malone and wanted to pick a fight with me.

Mark-Paul has been in show biz since he was five years old! Under his mother’s management, Mark began modeling in various commercial ads for Oreo cookies and Smurf merchandise.

His modeling gigs ultimately helped him land small roles on TV.

While Mark is having a blast filming with the Pitch cast, he revealed to Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY that the series, which is about a woman making it into major league baseball, is really impactful for women everywhere!

It's Saved by the Bell's Zack and Kelly, together again!Even so, Mark and Lark’s relationship reportedly lasted the longest of any fling on the show. fanatics, you probably remember Mark as a blonde with a clean-shaven face, not the scruffy brunette that he is today.They dated the majority of filming for three years. Well for the record, the beard is all part of getting into character for his role as Mike Lawson in . I don't think you ever know what's going to take off, or what's not, when you're auditioning for roles in film or TV.What did you think of Kelly dating her older boss Jeff?Gosselaar first came to public notice as the star of the hit television comedy series Saved by the Bell, in which he played Zack Morris, and which aired on NBC from 1989 to 1993.