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Researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington surveyed female and male students ages 18-24 to see what they think about female condoms.

Design of the condom (including fit, comfort, and pleasure), lack of side effects, protection against STIs and pregnancy and convenience were important to females.

The inner ring fits on the inside of the vagina, somewhat like a diaphragm, to hold the condom in place.

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They also have multiple conversations about these complicated feelings (in book one Ellie wants to wait but is curious; Lee is frustrated but ultimately respects her choice).

It’s a big decision, though not overblown, and when they are ready to try sex out, they make sure they use contraception.

How and where can someone interested in the possibilities get started?

Let’s take a closer look at the answers to all of these questions and more.

The sexual desires of all the characters in this series and those in other YA books I was reading demonstrated that first, it’s okay to have sexual desires, and secondly, sex is weird for everyone (as a side note, Melbourne-based magazine have created an excellent t-shirt proclaiming this message).

These books normalised my own feelings and those of my friends, and they did so without talking down to us.

Young women and men both find many characteristics of female condoms appealing, a new study finds.

The female condom is a nitrile pouch that fits inside a woman’s vagina. The outer, larger ring stays on the outside of the vagina and partly covers the labia (lips).

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